Australian Silo Art trail

The Australian Silo Art Trail is a website and Facebook platform that was created to help drive tourism to regional Australia. Many regional towns have faced drought, declining industry and many other hardships and are now facing extinction. The continual promotion of the ASAT trail drives tourists back into these areas that were once forgotten. As new projects are created, new towns take on the idea, spreading the concept further throughout Australia.
Started: 2015
Completed: ONGOING
Based in: Northam, WESTERN AUSTRALIA, Australia 6208

Project story

Silo art isn’t just a beautiful addition to the local landscape; for many towns and communities it’s a lifeline.

Silo Art is extremely important for promoting tourism in Regional Australia and if everyone of us was to take their next holiday within Australia, these regional towns and communities would benefit significantly.
This community's situation before they created change:

Initially, it was to document the painted silos and water towers around Australia. But as we travelled further and saw the devastation of some towns, we realised there was much more to the silo art trail then just seeing epic art, it was actually about why the art was there in the first place. Some towns had their silos painted and no one even knew they were there! The was no single organisation promoting the trail, these towns had worked so hard, but no one was coming to see them.

The community's first actions

We decided to refocus our trip around Australia, to search and document as many silos as we could find and then use that information to let other people know that they were there. We built a website, created a Facebook page and built an interactive map which now has had over 2 million views!

Some positive outcomes of the changes

We strongly believe that it is our continued promotion of the ASAT trail that is encouraging other towns to take the leap to get their silos, water towers and blank building walls painted to help drive tourism to their towns. The bigger it gets, the more people become aware that it exists. Still, in many major cities of Australia, residents have no idea Australia even has painted silos. I hear so many people say “I did not know that this was even a thing” “I have never even heard of it before”. The team at ASAT still has a lot of work to do as more locations are added to the trail all the time!

What’s Next?

Stay tuned, we are currently working on our Silo Art Trail of America.

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Facts & Stats

Project Champions

Annette Green and her husband Eric who drives her around the country so she can photograph them all. Annette works tirelessly building the ever growing website, answering media calls and developing guide books to help encourage travel to these locations.

Damian, the silent business partner, who came onboard as he could see the enormity of the task. His role is to keep Annette sane.

Michelle, employed by Annette full time. Michelle manages the orders while Annette and Eric are travelling and is building our American Silo Art website.

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Sustainable Development Goals:

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